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Mr Slavinator Was Born On March 18th, 1900 to a Russian family who had moved to Pripyat, Ukraine In 1899. At the age of 17 Mr Slavinator Fought On The Eastern Front In WW1 Against the German Empire. Later on in 1917, Mr Slavinator would fight for the bolsheviks in the Russian civil war. After the creation of the Soviet Union Mr Slavinator would Live a normal Civilian life, remaining loyal to the communist cause. In 1942 Mr Slavinator Was Called Up For Service. He would go on to fight in Stalingrad until he was injured in battle. In late 1942 Mr Slavinator agreed to a Russian experiment taking place in Moscow. It required test subjects being injected with a serum that turned them back into young men so they would be more efficient on the battlefield. Mr Slavinator was one of those test subjects who was injected with the serum and turned from a 42 year old man back into a Young man In his late teens. Shortly after this event the project was cancelled, leaving Mr Slavinator and a few others as Young teenagers. Mr Slavinator would return to the red army and continue to fight on the eastern front all the way to Kiev, To Crimea, Through Yugoslavia and straight into Berlin. After the war Mr Slavinator Stayed In The Red Army, And was deployed to Afghanistan And Even As A Undercover Soldier In Vietnam. In The Early 80’s Mr Slavinator Left The Soviet armed forces and became a KGB spy, spending most of his time stationed in East Berlin. In 1986 Mr Slavinator Was In Chernobyl. On the day of the explosion at The Nuclear Power Plant Mr Slavinator ran inside to assist workers in the evacuation. In doing so left his face Burned and scarred by the radiation, leaving his face disfigured, hence the black balaclava. He would still serve the KGB right up until the fall of the USSR in 1991. When the union collapsed it broke him. From 1992 - 2019 Mr Slavinator was a mess. Spending all of his time getting drunk in Moscow. However when he discovered Tik Tok he was happy again. He finally found something he enjoyed. In early 2019 Slavinator fought in the great furry war and the cosplay war alongside his comrades. In early 2020 at the age of 120, Mr Slavinator moved to YouTube due to “unforeseen events”. Nowadays he makes content for all of his comrades to enjoy.

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